I keep getting kicked out of Uber groups.

Most of the Uber groups I was part of on Facebook were all about kissing the mod’s asses. They’d joke around and tell you to get over it, but if you did it back they’d kick you out and block you. So I find one by a guy called “Uberman”, who, apparently has a lot of followers on Youtube. I’ve been posting there for a few months now without a single issue. Till tonight. I posted a question about what do drivers wear to work. One of the mods asks me why I have a Fuck Trump picture on my profile. I explain why and he blocks me from the group. Which is ironic since he has a quote from Voltaire about free speech. And the group does have a no politics thing, but it refers to discussions, not what’s on your profile. How fascist are we becoming as a society when even groups like this we tell people we only accept a certain type to post there? I don’t do that here. Plenty of you have posted offensive stuff, but I don’t care: free speech! I will never remove your comments. Short of threats of physical violence, anyway, but aside from that sort of thing, say what you want.

I’m so disappointed right now.

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