It’s been a while, yeah, I know. Since the last time I wrote I think I added one pizza job, but they got flaky with the hours so I said no thanks. They had me work a Monday, and I was supposed to work the rest of the week. The owner texts me and says to come in the following Monday and start again. I like the weekend gig I have so I texted the owner back and said “No thanks, gonna keep the other job”. Go with what you know. I’ve been in this position before with pizza places and it’s not a good thing to go a week or more without work. P.S. I hate this keyboard. Logitech sucks for keyboards. I feel like the keys are all spaced a little too far and they’re kinda sticky, like I need to dip my hands in flour before I type. I can type 140+ wpm but on this thing I doubt I’m doing 60. Anyway,
I’m getting evicted. Yay! No, not really, but when you have no hours you have no money, which means no money for rent. My roommate moved out a few weeks ago so there went the little I had left. The funny thing is I found a roommate ad and the place is on the same road like 4 blocks down. It sucks because my block is THE block in this neighborhood to live in. But I can’t catch up to my rent. I owe like $3,000 by now. I need to go. Plus this guy wants $400 for the bedroom at the new place and it’s cat-friendly. And right next to a bar just like the place I’m at now, although this bar is WAY more popular. Whatever, I could walk to the other ones. I plan on having some money by the end of summer to try a new business, mall kiosk, and part of whatever money I get will also be to move to Stamford, CT hopefully in the center of town. There’s a road called Bedford Street in Stamford, and right at the beginning are a ton of bars, shops, restaurants, and rent that’s really, really expensive, but i don’t care. Hopefully the business will be there, so I should be, too. By expensive I mean think $1200 for a 500 square foot studio. But it kinda gets better after that. A 700 square foot 1 bedroom will run about $1400. For $1600-$2,000 you can get a nice 2 bedroom. It’s just like this area but in Stamford and a little further from the beach. A lot further, actually, but Stamford is a beach town so a lot is still a little. I’m about half a mile from the beach where i am now. I’d be like a mile away down there. Ooh, and I’d be closer to NYC! It’s like half an hour by car from there. Anyway,
It’s been a while, so I didn’t want anyone to think I forgot about them. I’ll write more when I get better situated.

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