The other day I go to this delivery and a Siamese cat walks up to me meowing the the whole way. I love Siamese cats. I suspect I’ll get one some day (right now I have 3 of my own cats). I ring the bell, nothing happens, so I pet the kitty a little. It purrs and meows and does the whole slinking around like it loves the attention. I ring the bell again. This time the customer opens the door. I asked, “Is that your cat?” He says, “Yup, he thinks he’s a dog.” FYI for cat and dog owners alike: no cat thinks it’s a dog. Cats are way smarter than that. That’s why they say dogs have masters, cats have servants. There are lots of talkative cats in the world. Doesn’t make them confused. It makes them vocal. I have one. My littlest cat, Luna, LOVES to talk. If you meow at her, she’ll do it back. You can actually “talk” for quite some time with Luna. I also taught her how to shake hands like a dog would do, but that’s just a trick, not a personality trait. If cats think they’re anything, it’s that they’re gods. One of my cats, Fluffer, thinks he’s a repository for food. Lol. He weighs 22 pounds. The other cat, Rogue, thinks she’s a spy surrounded by North Koreans. They all have their quirks, but it’s who they are. Not to knock dogs or anything, I just don’t like the idea of a cat being called anything other than a cat.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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