Doctors that won’t effectively treat paid are what’s causing anyone in paid to self-medicate. For example: a few years ago I had to have 3 teeth extracted. The dentist gave me Motrin 800 for the pain. I never bothered filling the script. My Excedrin Migraine is stronger. Not only that, I’d have to take 4 or 5 to dull the pain. I called later and said it wasn’t working and he said that was all he could do. Yet years ago I had a wisdom tooth out and got Percocets (10mg). Perfect. It wasn’t refillable and got me through the pain. In the most recent case I wound up getting drunk for a few days to have relief from the pain. How is that helpful?
I know doctors that will refuse psych meds if there’s any chance they’ll make you feel good. Like Xanax. They’re okay with the ones with side-effects that would scare a torture master, but the ones that might be addictive, they refuse to give out. If doctors refuse to treat patients effectively maybe they should consider a different career or at least lobby for drugs like Marijuana to be legalized. I’d much rather get a safe, effective script from a doctor than get drunk or high, but aspirin doesn’t cut it for chronic pain. The oath to do no harm should include not leaving people in pain because of your own fears.

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