I’m on the highway finally doing about 80 after a huge traffic jam, in the fast lane, when I see a Honda Accord in the middle lane looking froggy. Sure enough, as soon as I get close, she hops out right in front of me. Mind you, she was cruising much slower, but must have just not wanted me to go any faster, so I get stuck, for miles. That sort of shit makes me want to run them off the road and beat them with a tire iron. Know what I do when a car going faster comes up behind me? I get the fuck out of the way. I drive a WRX but it’s common sense to me. But I’m also not one of those assholes that’s like “Ooooooh, Jetta, must race”. What kind of crap is that? And why are Jettas, Accords, Civics, and A4’s trying to race me anyway? Not one of those is faster. Get a freakin clue people.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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