So I’m driving, and a car pulls out behind me and wouldn’t you know it, the bastard has his high beams on. Ask anyone who knows me, my number on pet peeve on the road is high beams. I think these people should be pulled over, dragged into the woods, and beaten into submission with a blunt object. Then said blunt object should be used to smash their headlights and every window on their car. Yeah, it gets me mad. I can just barely tolerate it when it’s someone coming towards me since I can try to focus on the side of the road, even though that’s a pretty stupid skill to learn when the object is to keep your eyes on the road. But when it’s behind me that really gets me. I’m driving. I can flip my rear-view mirror down, but then I have to fumble with my side view mirrors, while I’m trying to pay attention to the road. For just this purpose I put those aftermarket ultra bright headlights in my car. I think they burn at 5000K, maybe 7000K. I can’t remember. So what I usually do is pull quickly over to the side of the road, let them pass, then quickly get behind them and FLOOD their car with my brights. Lucky for them, I don’t do it for long as I don’t want to blind people coming who didn’t do anything wrong.
It’s even more annoying when someone does it during the day or at dusk, or even in high ambient light areas like the middle of cities. Those people I just want to push off a cliff, then drop their car off to finish the job.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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