Maybe it’s a holiday thing but all day people have been cutting me off on the road. And for what? To get there one car ahead of me? That’s really worth risking everyone’s lives over? Fucking morons. Maybe people who do that should be crippled for life as a public safety measure.
And the ghetto bitch was in Milford. There’s a part of the road where you can go straight or left. She hops in the left turn lane and goes straight and makes it abundantly clear if I don’t let her in she’s going to ram me. I had that happen years ago in a friend’s car where the impatient ghetto asshole rammed us and later wound up getting arrested for it. I would have stayed the course except the dumbass in front of me floored it giving them enough room to push in. And for what? They wound up one car length closer. I Flipped her off and passed when it opened to two lanes. She tried to cut me off again for whatever reason, but missed. In a perfect worl I could have followed her where she was going and beaten the shit out of her. The first time was just ghetto bullshit. The second time was her trying to intentionally cut me off. To me that makes her a candidate for an ass whooping. I hope her car falls apart. Stupid bitch.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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