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Do people get why bad tips hurt all of us?

The delivery I just took was almost $50. The woman with 2 Mercedes in the 5th wealthiest town in America tipped me almost $2. $1.99 to be exact. People don’t seem to get that we use our own cars, buy our own gas, pay our own insurance, taxes, upkeep, and risk our lives to bring you your food quickly. Then there are the elements. We come in rain, snow, lightning storms, blistering heat, and freezing cold. We often have to wait for some of you dumbasses who don’t have the money ready, are asleep, or not even home. 99% of the time when we’re late to a delivery, it’s because one of you dumbasses made us late, not because we’re slow. So think about it when you give that waiter a 20% tip for going from a warm kitchen to a warm dining room completely safe how you fuck over drivers. Tipping is supposed to keep food costs down, and often offers you free delivery. How a customer could use a 20% off coupon then give the driver 4% is beyond me. Oh, that 1% of the time we’re late? It’s because your cheap. You fucked us over and showed you don’t care about us so we take everyone else’s order first, even if you called first. If we see you got a package, we might kick it into the bush. If you ask us to help with something, most likely we’ll say no. If you ask for a menu, for you we’re out. We hate you and hope there is a purgatory and you have to spend a hundred years waiting on cheaper bastards like yourselves.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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  1. Chris Yeh

    The thing that bugs me most is when people leave a tip on the post-coupon total. Don’t they get that it’s still the same amount of work for everyone else involved?

    Whenever I use a coupon, I’m always careful to tip on the pre-coupon amount. I usually juice the tip a bit since I figure, hey, I’m saving some money here, might as well share the good times.

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