So, since I left the Indian place, I have been at a Chinese place, then another pizza place, followed by a restaurant, and yet another pizza place. Why so many moves? I left the Chinese place to go work at a pizza place that offered my 60+ hours a week. The owner of that place turned out to be batshit crazy. She expected her ass to be kissed while you worked for her and no mistakes were ever let go. First off, mistakes happen. Second, ass-kissing is a separate fee. I wasn’t getting paid to do that. She actually fired me because I took an order that was sitting longer before one that was just out of the oven simply because the one just out of the oven was closer. Her logic was flawed. Instead of two late deliveries I got one there on time. Whatever, she was a bitch. So after that I took a job at a place in Milford, but that owner flaked also. She had an employee come back looking for work and gave him my job. Whatever, she has no class. Right now I’m working at a corporate restaurant, of which I won’t mention the name. They might find my blog, one of my crazier fans might try to cause trouble and call them, etc. P.S. I should say those of you who are that small-minded to call a place I work at to try to get me fired because you don’t like me can really go fuck yourselves. It’s never worked, but what if it did? Would you really want me trying to do that to you? If you don’t like what I say, don’t fucking read my blog you dumbasses. Or grow a pair of balls and tell me you want to meet me to tell me in person why you don’t like my blog instead of trying to stop me from making an honest wage. People like you should take a long walk off a short pier with the waters below filled with hungry Great White sharks. You’re useless trolls with nothing better to do. To you, I say piss off.
To everyone else, keep reading and enjoying 🙂

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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