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Here Is My Cheap Bastard List (so far)

Most of these addresses are customers in Trumbull, unless otherwise specified. If you’re on this list, you’re a cheap asshole who has no regard for the work we do, the danger we face on the roads, and I sincerely hope you aren’t as much of a cheap loser when you go out to a restaurant. May 100,000 stomach aches plague you for your stinginess.

Cheap Customers
44 Spinning Wheel Road: $40 order, $1.45 tip.
58 Mooreland: $60 order, $2 tip.
10222 Avalon Gates: $32 order, $2 tip.
32 Reiner Drive: $94 order, $5 tip.
8 Meadow Ridge: $80 order, $5 tip.
23 Morningside, Easton, two towns away: $40, always $2 tip.
47 Scenic Hill: $24 order, $1.75 tip.
15 Corporate Drive, across town for $2 tip on $25 order.
64 Evelyn, no lights $30 order, $2 tip.
27 Maple St: $35 order, $1.50 tip.
17 Nichols Farm Road: $33 order, $2 tip, huge house.
106 Oakridge: $91 order, $5 tip.
44 Plymouth: $60 order, $3 tip. 12 miles round trip.
25 Gorham Place: $22 order, $0 tip. Thank you doesn’t pay for my gas.
23 Laurel Drive: $30 order, $3 tip. 10 miles round trip.
3090 Reservoir: $17 order, 86 cents for a tip, made me wait 10 minutes.
16 Valley View: $43 order, $1 tip.
39 Pemberton: $50 order, $2 tip.
15 Rock Spring Road: $50 order, $3 tip. Always.
82 Lance Circle: $51 order, $3 tip
23 Doe Hollow: $30 order, 36 cent tip. Assholes
50 Greenwood Drive: $45 order, $1.50 tip, 12 miles round trip.
Louis Muniz School: $105 order, 5 cent tip. Fucking losers.
47 Nelson Terrace: $20 order, no tip.
2600 Park Avenue Fairfield, $15 order, $2 tip, but really far
1225 Cutspring Road Stratford: $70 order, $3 tip, 10 miles round trip
15 Hilsboro Road: $40 order, no tip. Fucktards
175 Isinglas Road Shelton: $30 order, $0 tip. Losers.
55290 Park Ave, Suite 204, Hair salon: $40 order, 17 cent tip. I’m going to get my hair done at your place sometime and return that 17 cent tip.
95 Aspen Lane: $70 order, $5 tip
Bridgeport Tax Collector’s Office: $65 order, $5 tip+ called and said I spilled the sauce and was extremely rude. BULLSHIT. I’m always nice because I want tip money morons.
35 Candlewood: Got $1.50 tip on a $45 order. These people usually either tip a quarter, or have exact change, leaving you with nothing.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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  1. Jay

    This list is really not that bad, as I read your blog I’m starting to think your a bit spoiled by this whole tip thing. 2$ tips aren’t bad, 3 – 5$ tips are good, 5 or more is holy grail of tippers. Don’t cry so much and look at it this way: at least you got something from a majority of your shitty tippers. Where I deliver, my shitty tippers list would be longer than yours with a lot more 0’s so be thankful 😉

  2. adam smith

    First off, my list is much longer, it just isn’t all on here. Second, if you’re happy with $2 tips, good for you, but it’s not a standard tip. Waiters get 15% Delivery drivers are supposed to get at least 15%. We have much more to pay for like gas, oil, etc, and the job is way more dangerous than theirs is. So we expect a little extra for that, too.

    But it’s okay, the customers who tip poorly just get shitty service.

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