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Here’s a list of BAD Ebay buyers. It’s long, but if you’re a seller you’ll appreciate it. Yeah, I know, nothing to do with delivery.

Save yourself some hassles if you sell from time to time like I do and block all of these losers:

1081ellen, 123nermine, 1rocker2012, 1romeoshihtzu, 32newhouse, 5bb109d321a862137f95b5b9e255982d672663504, 650carpench, 7tony7tiger7, 8152hernandez, 916sarah, 9515099451, aerdnagnal, agmel02, akteddy907, amazingsue, angelwing918, anisahgold26, arey7869, argyrou2010, asiankels, asta6701, b977067287447ef5e5d536159f125b491055831914, babybluehsm127643, batussegrave, bcherifa, beards*family*treasures, bellarosefashions, beverlyhills333, bjac5699, bluecloudkicker, bmo4186, breadtasteslikedirt, catsmeow16000, cedric130585, chavezjess14, chichele, chrism5654, christopherr8463, colonialstyle, cookiemays213, covert-banker, cthomas0911, dawnracca, dax-knight, deanandcompany, digidepot, divinemavi, djrose711, dtwinters, dvr1951, epate01, fance5, ferretprincess_0, filledcloset, filledclosets, folicelove_42, funnyfacebule, gillian_mac1234, guardian6c, guiltypleasures, hartsbud, hawaiiplant, hemandrg1, hoboruth, houria-fathah, i2fon, id, iloveminnie, jaybeeesq, jayc412, jesndan, jessica101784, jlifamily, jonnyangel2005, judy.1207, jujechni, julialyssajaylin, justfury, justjustin73, karenmalki, kglpass4, klawed9, kliner1409, koister1125-123, kreamantica, kriesseness, krmur1987, ladywbugs, lamar55, laurenmarie29, left-brain, llrocks101, love8160, lovelovebr, luvarabianhorses9265, m7thhvn, maanreborn, magel13, maggieis10shopping, meggypoo777, mehim4ever, mflores72_123, mickyclancy, mimilareaux007, missy_0919, morrislevy, mozes, mrsfields9111974, mrthig21, mycloset1st, mz.fitz, nicandles, nightbomber, northboundmotorgroup, omarsattar, onniehastings2008, orangeaeroplane, pattyovoxo, pbconstruction, peart2010, peppermintpatti1215, planesnbikes0107, plot142, prettyeve89, prettyty, princess_6, princessyeri, queenezy, reyy19, rlynn95, robert2469, ryseme651, sellstuff.1, shailynn13, shannon6593, shemekia24, shop_for_fun_boutique, shopfisher, skileyr, slates_96, sn95mustang, snipehappy, srain1, starzydreamz, steelcowboy28, sunny-bluegrass, sweetoothcandy, talentedkk23, tbabybanks69, teenertoo, terribrandi75, tess322, theralphspatch, tiffany4768, tiquerbelle, tramdoofy, trimom, trinitytran408, umbrellagirl2185, va24055, valletravelstop12, veronraffy, vicnoemi30, viscayablue, waltjoy, wonthat1, xo_ilove_you_x206, ztchammout25

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  1. MyLuxury1st

    This list is not accurate. I’m a seller and my name is listed here because a buyer was not happy. We sellers can not always make each scamming buyer happy. Everyone is not going to always agree when they transact together and to have a list like this is rude when both sides are not pointed out. Thats what the actual selling site is for and thats why they have a feedback system there. Oh wait, sellers can’t leave feedback for buyers that have scammed, them. Totally forgot. Not. All I’m saying is there are two sides to every story.

  2. adam smith

    I don’t buy from people that aren’t top rated sellers. That list is the list of people known to screw people over.

    • MyLuxury1st

      Why, because one customer was not happy? Customers that scam buyers sometimes do this intentionally and sometimes do not; as they do not give sellers time to resolve anything before jumping and leaving negatives. This impacts business as you stated you buy from trs. Other small businesses are failing because potential buyers do not know both sides of the story.

    • MyLuxury1st

      I’m sorry. I meany customers that scam sellers. [thanks]

  3. MyLuxury1st

    This says buyers, so once again, your claim is not accurate as I was not a buyer, and you have my name listed here because you copy and pasted from some other list that may not have been accurate which means you could be missing out on really good deals just because one buyer was upset with a seller or vice-verse, and you want to play follow the leader.

  4. adam smith

    Your name doesn’t even show up on Ebay under sellers. So if you changed it that’s shady right there. Plus, anyone who has a bad rating gets on those lists. I have a 100% rating as a seller. Your score doesn’t go down much from one or two bad transactions. If you have a bunch of unhappy customers, you’re fucking up and deserve to be on those lists.

  5. MyLuxury1st

    Your really ignorant because that’s not my eBay seller name #1, #2 I am a seller and my percentage is a 99%.1 so like I said, posting these type of post not knowing both sides and thinking you are doing some type of justice. And on top of that, if you don’t sell a lot of items on eBay and you get 1 negative it takes you down, so if you are so much of a 100% seller, you would know this. Especially if you have a buyer who you just cant please and all real sellers know you can not please everyone. I asked you nicely to take my name off of this list as it states I was a buyer, from your words, which is not true. I’ve never been a problem buyer and if you were thorough enough, you would be able to check and see this. You are just as bad as the other buyers and or sellers who make it hard to sell online if you are going to partake in this mess. There is no problem with trying to warn people but when you have inaccurate information listed, then this is a real problem.

  6. adam smith

    So you want me to remove your name but you wont tell me which one it is? That about sum it up?

  7. Anonymous

    I know it can be impossible to recall at this point, but do you remember why you blocked sellstuff.1?

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