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I didn’t forget…..

I’ve just been out of work for the last few months. I was working at an Asian place, but they wound up not doing as well as they thought and didn’t need me any more. Then I happened to win my lawsuit against one of my former employers and had a few bucks to pay for rent for a few months. I’m down to enough to pay this next month’s rent with like $40 left over. Not a great way to have spent all that money. I should have saved a little more. I thought finding another job and a roommate would be easy, but both have eluded me for months.

Then there’s the book. This book on this subject. Blogging is one thing, and I did the hard part and finished the outline months ago, so I don’t know why I can’t just start…

Then there’s the computer idea for custom builds, etc, etc. I just really need a fucking job. This bullshit is killing me.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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  1. pizzamanalso

    That’s just some really bad news. I applied for RGM, I start on Tuesday. Hang in there man.

  2. pizzamanalso

    That’s just some really bad news. I applied for RGM at my restaurant, I start Tuesday. Hang in there man.

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