Every day I’d say to myself “Work on the website, work on the book.” The website refers to two different ideas for making money for right now, walking dogs, and doing computer repair. I’m highly skilled in both areas and would be 100% happy doing either. Anyhoo, the book, obviously, is this site’s future. The stories on this site actually probably wont be in the book at all. Maybe one or two, I haven’t decided yet. I’m not sure how I’d tie it all in, but then again, maybe =) So the notes part took me what, a few years? I can’t remember when I started this site, but that’s when the notes started. I just finished last night. I have the outline done. I have all the chapters set up how I want to write them. I have the index, the prologue, the epilogue, the appendix, etc, etc. I just need to sit down every day and do a little more. My goal is to have the book finished by Halloween. I’m guessing it will be around 300 pages. I could probably make it 1,000 pages, but I wont, I’ll hold back. Plus, that’s material for a second book if I get the first one published. The editing part is going to be a bitch. I might just give the book to a friend of mine so she can edit it. I’ll copyright it first, of course, just in case it gets lost or gets out somehow.

Everyone give me major pats on the back. As someone who deals with being both Bi-polar, OCD, and having ADHD among other things, actually doing the writing is a major step forward. I’d actually love nothing more than to pay my rent ahead 6 months and just sit here and get it done, but I don’t have 6 months rent. lol. Oh well, hopefully if I get it published I will have 6 months rent. And a shitload more =)

P.S. Here’s my playlist for what I’m listening to while I write:

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