So the night I lost my job at the place I really liked I went to a place a few blocks away that one of my co-workers recommended. The owner said he could probably start me right away. I called Wednesday and he said I could start Friday night. I think it’s just going to be weekends for now, which means I have to keep the shitty job, but the first sign he tells me I can have more nights, I’m quitting that other place I work at. I really hate it there. It’s killed my inner child. It’s that bad. This place is farther away from me, but it’s in Stamford, CT, a VERY wealthy town. Tips are usually great, which is good because gas is really expensive. I keep toying with the idea of moving down there. Financially, I can’t right now. I have $35 to my name. Even with my paltry tax return I wouldn’t be able to move, but if I make a genuine effort to start saving money, I might be able to do it in a month or two. I love where I live, but I hate the size of the place I live at. And I have issues with the utility companies here and there’s no way I can pay those bills off before I get them in my name. So I have to have a roommate. Which isn’t a bad thing, it kinda sucks living alone, but if I moved I don’t know if she’d want to move, too or stay here. *Sigh* I want a nicer place. And I want to start saving up to do my own business in the mall and also to have a buffer for rent if it doesn’t work out. I’m guestimating I’ll be ready by the summer to try my own thing, but that also means if it worked out I could conceivably move anywhere I wanted. With lots and lots of warm air. lol

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