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Is the Second Amendment “Inalienable” or not?

Webster defines “inalienable” as: incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred.

If one commits a felony, ANY felony including writing a bad check from 30 years ago, you’re considered to dangerous to own a gun. People who torture animals in most states are not considered too dangerous, nor are drunk drivers. Go figure. Also, in-patient psychiatric care, possession of more than an ounce of weed, and domestic violence strips you of that right. Some states have that law where if your wife hits you and you call the cops you both get arrested. So you could lose your right to bear arms for being the victim of domestic abuse. Nice.

Anyway, no other Constitutional right is stripped away by the federal government for life. None. Not one. Some of you might think of voting, but that’s a state issue. You could just move and get your voting rights back. The one right that claims to be inalienable is the one right that you can lose.

So how is it inalienable? If inalienable means it can’t be stripped or given away, why do those people lose that right? Does that mean those circumstances somehow protect you from violence? If you get robbed, if you say you’re a convicted felon does the robber apologize and let you go on your way? Strangely, under that same right to bear arms you can’t have bullet-proof vests, tasers, even stun guns.

My point is the Second Amendment was supposed to be as strong as the First Amendment, but somehow with that one mistake, and after any amount of time, you appear to lose the right to defend your life or the lives of others around you. Why? How can something that can’t be taken away be taken away? And why do the gun nuts support that? The NRA is a proud supporter of stripping gun rights away from certain people, not realizing in doing so, they weaken the idea that gun ownership is a sovereign right. It really isn’t.

And some people will point out you can have those rights restored. Not really. Look it up: it can be done in THEORY, but almost never happens. There have been a handful of cases where it happened of millions who have tried. Some states make exceptions, like Texas and Colorado, and in some states if there’s no separate law the BATF still allows certain firearms to be held. Black powder, non-standard rimfire, replicas of antiques, antiques, etc, but nothing practical.

Lastly, the only one the Federal laws protect anyone from are people who made mistakes who are following the law after that. Any street criminal wont be spending years bettering themselves and obeying the laws to not own. They’d just go get one. So I don’t even see the point in the law. I just want to know what you think about “inalienable”.

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