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Just a quick new year post

I know it’s been a few months, and I always mean to try to post one a day, but you can see how well that goes. lol. Anyhoo, I was working at a chain restaurant for a little while doing corporate deliveries. The tips were great since the orders were always for a few hundred dollars and they added ten percent automatically, but the hours sucked. My average day would be to hours, tops. Still, I could easily make $100 in two hours. The problem was that didn’t happen every day. Some days I came in, had one delivery, and wound up with $20. But a job is a job, and it beats sitting at home all day looking for a full-time gig. But an offer from a place nearby finally came and I accepted. I have to admit, I didn’t think it was for real. The guy was talking about starting in a few weeks, and I’m the kind of person that wants to start now. This place has been in business for 16 years, and has quite a following, so I expect now that they’re delivering business should be good. It’s a brick oven place with pizza on par with Modern in New Haven, if you’re familiar with that. Really thin, really good sauce, great cheese, and that oh-so-nice brick oven finish. I love it!
So now I’m working Monday through Saturday from 11:30 to 10 or so. So just showing up to work makes me enough money to pay a few bills. The tips pay for gas and a few more bills 🙂 This isn’t a long-term goal by any means. I have other things I’m working on, like the book, and other books, selling some stuff on Ebay and other sites, as well as trying to get back into the computer thing. I also plan on going back to school shortly to finish my degree in Computer Science, and possibly even following that up with a master’s in the same. Gotta do something, right? I just turned 39. Time to get back into the game of life. I may even try another pizza place of my own in the not to distant future. More later….

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