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Ninjavideo Shut Down. Ha, ha.

Seriously, if they weren’t so rude to everyone I’d feel bad about the whole situation, but now they have to start all over. With a different name. Or maybe they can make me an offer and buy one of the domain names I have. Since they’re all about the bottom line, I’d be willing to part with ninjavideo.us or ninjavideo.mobi for a reasonable offer. Maybe when they reinvent themselves they’ll be less inclined to piss on the people who otherwise thought they had a good site. And maybe they’ll get rid of the malicious code they had in the ads. More than once I had to help friends clean their computers of malware from visiting their site. And not the nice malware that one click of antimalware could get rid of. The nasty deep hiding malware. Anyway, my suggestion for everyone else to get their tv or movie fix is to use TPB or learn how to use mIRC. No, neither stream video, but you’ll get the same stuff often before NV would have had it anyway. This has nothing to do with pizza delivery anyway, so I’m ending this post short.

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  1. DerZy

    Ninja Video Sucks, im glad phara and other admins finally got put in their place! join the Facebook group “Don’t Support NinjaVideo” link is listed here for the group. Its NEW so NV haters come together and join!


  2. DerZy

    Join the FB group “don’t support ninjavideo”

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