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So, no, yesterday wasn’t the day for the camera.

I’m going to do it today, i swear! I got distracted on the internet yesterday and by the time I went to do it it was after 4pm. Here in Connecticut at this time of year that’s when you’ve already lost the sun. I have plenty of lights in my garage to do this sort of thing, I have my regular lights, I have a 120 watt flood light,and i have a 500 watt flood light. In the summer time when I have my Rav4 up on ramps it helps to see when I’m working under the car. Speaking of that, here’s a tip: always put one of the wheels under the car when you’re under it working on it assuming it’s not on wheel ramps. When it’s on the ramps I make sure those are the right angle before driving up so there’s no overhang, I then put the car in park. When I drove stick shift i’d put it in first gear when I shut it off like when you park facing up a hill. Then I put the wheel chocks, and after that I use the jack stands on both sides. Just in case.

Anyway, when the sun’s going down it’s time to go out. I’m so behind on things I need to do that I tend to let stuff pile up. Right now I have a ton of bills I have to pay, so that’s my main concern. I owe everyone money. So these projects get pushed back in my mind. Right now I’m going to go get ready to go do this stuff. And then I need to wash the car and do the interior.

Okay, all showered, on my way to do the car camera and other stuff =)


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