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I feel like giving up on Politics.

— I feel like giving up on politics sometimes. The rhetoric from the Right is overwhelming at times, and other times overwhelmingly stupid. Like the kitty-litter issue that’s a non-issue that’s all over the internet right now. Or politicians saying they will only accept winning as a fair election. What’s the point in engaging? Both sides are set in their ways, there’s zero room for compromise, so there doesn’t seem to be any point in having discussions in the public forum. It’s also why more and more I think the Blue states should just become their own country, and let the Red states do the same. With a giant wall between the two. Even if we did that I have a theory how that would work out: without Blue state taxes, or Blue state common sense, it wouldn’t be long till the Red states were trying to invade to take over. The only difference is it’d be a conflict like India vs Pakistan, two nuclear powers.

Most of what I read from republicans I just don’t agree with. Their obsession with Trans athletes and bathrooms, banning books, banning Black history, banning abortion, banning sex education and birth control, their war on education, especially science, their idea of continually cutting taxes at the very top, outspending Democrats every single time they’re in office, especially deficit-spending, which they love, their war against minorities, against women, against Jews and Muslims, against the LGBTQ community, trying to force Christianity on everyone; they’re even against the police except on those rare occasions they’re attacking unarmed minorities. I just don’t see the point. Democrats and Republicans have two entirely different worldviews. We want the U.S. to ideally wind up looking like Japan, while keeping our military, of course. Republicans seem to want us to look like Greece. We want to evolve past things like the gun obsession, the war on drugs, and the prison industry, while Republicans want to grow all those things. Even the moderates can’t get anything done because the base of both parties won’t allow it.

So why bother engaging at all? Maybe it’s time to step back, and just say, “Screw it. Let it all burn if it has to.” And, yes, that’s really cynical, but I’m not going to change my views and I doubt they will, either, so what’s left? I really don’t see any point in engaging with them any more. I honestly think a lot of them are stupid. Which I suppose is a good thing because you can cure stupid with education, but a significant portion of them are dumb, and there’s no cure for that. Those people are terminal. We don’t look down on you just to be assholes, we look down on you when we hear you say things like you reject the science of a vaccine because you heard it causes Autism or makes you drop dead later on, but then you want US to put OUR faith in some fucking imaginary sky person you say is controlling the universe.

And the thing that really pisses us off about that is YOU don’t know your own religion. I’m not going to rattle off a bunch of scripture, but notice how Republicans, who are allegedly Christian, only quote from the Old Testament. That is the God they follow, not the New Testament God that Jesus allegedly came to bring the good news about. And WHY? Because New Testament God preached things like compassion, charity, forgiveness, LOVE, all things Republicans have no time for. Not once does it say abortion is illegal in the Bible. It does however mention giving women accused of adultery “bitter waters” to induce abortion in the Old Testament. Yet they use the Bible to claim abortion is against God’s will.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say being Trans is in any way wrong. Not even in the Old Testament. The problem here being most Republicans don’t even know what Trans is. They’re assuming it means cross-dressing, not that the Bible has any problem with that, either. And they assume it means Men will become Trans to have sex with little kids. Again, it doesn’t, but your Old Testament did allow for the marriage of girls as young as age three, so you might want to ban that book. Just like the Bible gave the green light for slavery and rape. Republicans seem to think they meant Black slaves, but the Bible doesn’t make that distinction. And on the subject of Rape, it’s clearly frowned-upon by the Bible, but could be overcome if you paid your victim’s father 50 silver pieces and forced her to marry you. Then all is forgiven. Your book, not mine. But by all means, ban Catcher In the Rye for being obscene. Idiots.

The New Testament even has Jesus hanging out with young naked boys it says he “knew“, which in that language means he had carnal knowledge of them, but no one talks about that. And they should. If Jesus was Gay it should be celebrated, not shunned. His second-most important Commandment was love your neighbor as yourself, which again, most Republicans wouldn’t know, because they didn’t read it. They skimmed. They just cherry-picked the Old Testament for passages to justify being complete assholes to other people, and fixated on the “Judge not” part of the New Testament for when they themselves fuck up. The Bible doesn’t work that way. It’s not pick and choose, and you can’t ignore 95% of it and think by asking forgiveness your fairy tale deity will grant it. Assuming for half a minute your God is real, it says right in it God knows what’s in your heart and however you judge others YOU will be judge by God.

We, being curious, and open-minded often read religious texts to broaden our horizons, and so we know what we’re talking about when the subject comes up. Personally, I have read every single word in the Bible three times in my life. Three times I read it front to back. My Bible is full of notes, things I looked up. I even had companion texts like the Angel Scrolls, which I’m betting most of you have never even heard of, and are now googling it.

So Republicans use stuff like this to oppress other people, like they use rhetoric about Marx, and Hitler as if that’s what Democrats want. If anything, Republicans are more like Nazis than we are. Pretty much everything the Nazis believed in, so do Republicans. The Nazis hated women’s rights, they hated equal rights, they hated worker’s rights, they favored the corporations, oligarchs, and the military. They hated other religions, they hated free speech, they banned and burned books, they especially hated Jews, and their party color was Red. Be honest: that sounds like Republicans, right? Just because the word Socialist is in the name “Nazi” doesn’t make them Democrats any more than North Korea is Democratic. It’s just a name.

Republicans only seem to care about guns, money, and power. And making everyone else as miserable as they can. Seeing other people suffer, seeing other people lose rights makes them happy. And I just don’ see how we can ever work with people like that.

Facebook restored my original account!!!

I’m not sure what happened, but one day a few weeks ago I got an email saying my account was permanently deactivated. I appealed the decision and they said I had to submit a photo ID. I didn’t want to do that since I’d used it already to change my name on my backup account. So just for giggles I sent them a meme making fun of Trump. Somehow they knew from that it was me and my account was unlocked like a day later.

One of the first things I did was add my phone number back, then I set up 2FA on the account so this nonsense hopefully never happens again. My backup account is growing nicely, though. Up to like 1200 friends on that one, My original is just shy of 5,000 friends with like 1500 followers.

Wow, last post was almost 7 months ago! Sorry!!!

When I started this blog I had really good intentions with writing something new every day since every day I’d have a story from work. But life got in the way. I do have stories every day from work, but some of them wound up in my notes for the book I’ve still never written, and some of them wound up being the reason I didn’t want to write anything when I got home. They’re all just excuses at the end of the day, though. I should’ve made time.

In the last 7 months, I moved to Stamford for what was a great job, had a nice place on the water, and for a little while I was doing really well. I was working 12 hours a day every day for a few weeks, and when it tapered off, I still had a schedule that was around 65 hours a week. I was loving it. Just salary alone I made about $600 a week. My tips roughly doubled that number. So for a few weeks I was making $1,000 or more. Then they wanted me to start going home during the afternoon from 2-5. That lost me about $150 in pay and a little more in tips and about $100 a week in tips Suddenly I was making $750 a week. NOt bad, but not as good as a thousand. Then they stopped advertising and it got really slow in the mornings. I’d average 1-3 deliveries and about $20 in tips. It wasn’t worth it to me to stay mornings when I could be looking for something else during the day. So I told them I needed to stop working mornings. It was slow enough they could do it. So my pay shrank another $150 and my tips dropped another $100 or so. Down to $500 a week. Then nights started getting slow. Friday and Saturday they’d get slammed but the rest of the week sucked. So I quit. I got a job at a place in NY just across the Stamford line at another pizza place. That didn’t work out either. I made it 7 months at Tomato Tomato, I made it one week at this place. The owner was too high strung. He’s one of those, “No talking! If you’re leaning you’re cleaning!” types. I’m sorry, but I’m risking my life in this shitty weather to deliver your pizza. Shut the fuck up about talking to my fellow employees.

Later that night I saw an add for a Mexican place near where I lived (I never give the name of where I currently work). So I went to it on the way home and filled out an app. The next day I stopped by, met the owner and he said to come back after 5 and talk to his manager. So I did, and I was hired on the spot =) I have pretty good luck getting in the door places. BUT, since then, I got married!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met a beautiful girl named Mercedes, we dated for a while and it just felt right. Neither one of us had a lot of money so we did something very small that may as well have been eloping. My sisters and their husbands were there, and her best friend (our current roommate) was there. We spent the “honeymoon” at her family’s in Virginia. Again, no money. Lol, I owe her a nice honeymoon, or at least a much better time. Afterward, we moved from Stamford back to Bridgeport where it’s much less expensive. Our place is nice, first floor, by the water, but we both really miss Stamford. It’s SO expensive out there, but so much to do.

So now my dilemma is how to find a job out here. Jobs out there are plentiful, but I don’t want to keep driving back and forth, and during inclement weather it’s an issue. Plus, I figured I’m spending about $600 a month in gas thanks to the Jeep I now have. I miss my Rav4. Never ever trade a Toyota for a Jeep. Really bad move on my part. So I’m hopeful I can find something out here because as much as I like the people I work with, it’s costing too much and I don’t have enough hours. I can always go visit them, but I need a job out here. That’s it for now. ~

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