One of the things that amazes me more than anything is when people make comments to me about me being opinionated. I’m usually like, “Gee, ya think?” I am the most opinionated person I know. As a matter of fact, I might just be the most opinionated person in the world. But everyone that knows me should know that by now. I’ve always known there are two ways people think about me: they either like the way I am, or they can’t stand me. There aren’t any people in my crowd that you can ask and have them say something like, “Adam? He’s okay.” Never. It’s either one way or the other. And I like it that way. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else, and the people that like me get a kick out of my rants. Plus, they’re usually like me to some extent, too. I have friends that are republicans. I know, weird, right? I have friends that are in the middle. And most of my friends are on the left. Usually it’s not a problem. I had a very good friend of 20 something years decide he couldn’t be friends with me a few months ago (Mr. Mitchell). He’d make comments about Obama doing this or that then get offended when I asked him to back it up with facts. People who were “experts” told him, and he wanted that to be enough for me. Like when he said Obama’s changes were going to cost him $2,000 because the child tax credit was going away. Total bullshit. I explained that the child tax credit was never $2,000 so that was impossible, but he said 3 expert accountants told him it was. I said it was $500 before Bush took office. Bush doubled it. IF we went over the fiscal cliff, it would have reverted back to $500. Meaning the MOST he could have lost was $500. But we didn’t go over and his accountants were all around wrong. When pressed he said they told him Obama was costing him $2,000 in other ways. I said what ways, and he got pissed again like he shouldn’t have to tell me. Sorry, I live in a world of facts, not conjecture. Like when he said everyone was losing their jobs over Obamacare and about the death panels and everything else and claimed to have read all 13,000 pages of it. Eventually he got tired of not wanting to explain a single fact to me and said we couldn’t be friends any more. As opposed to just not talking about politics. Look, I have Muslim friends. I have Pagan friends. Some friends are Jews, some are Christian, some don’t give a shit. Guess what we don’t talk about. Yeah, God. It’s not a good topic. Neither is politics. But this guy can’t look back and say I wasn’t always there for him when he needed me. I’m an awesome friend that goes out of his way for his friends. So I get shit on for it a lot. Especially by people on the right who think political party is more important than friendship.
When you get a chance, look at the posts of your republican friends and look at the posts of democrat friends. Notice a difference? Democrats post about hopeful change for a better world that includes all people. Republicans post about giving more money to the rich, executing people, kicking out illegals, and guns. Their posts are all about what’s wrong with this country and how they want the good ole days back when Blacks were slaves, women were in the kitchen, and Christianity was the only religion allowed. It’s pathetic. You can present them with facts like how the US ranks toward the bottom in health care and education, but towards the top for gun violence and obesity and they’re proud of those facts. Then they call you socialist if you want America to look like Japan or Canada. God forbid we have a country that has 11 murders instead of the 13,000 we have. Their lives are so fucking depressing and the only thing that cheers me up is the country is changing rapidly becoming more liberal and less White. I’m embarrassed of these jackasses that claim to represent the White race. I want nothing to do with people that would oppress anyone for any reason.
And so every time I make a comment like I did tonight about the shooting near Boston, I lose a friend on FB. All I said was what the fuck is going on in Boston and someone blocked me. Earlier I said people that blame Obama for the fire in Texas are idiots and someone else blocked me. Seriously, these people are stupid. They point out the Jesse Ventura videos as proof the government is building secret prisons to incarcerate all of America. Even though that makes ZERO sense. A military of a few millions is going to incarcerate 320,000,000 people? Then what? Run the country themselves??? How? That’s not enough people to run a country and defend it and guard all these prisoners. It’s just stupid. We all know the government is a little dirty, but they’re not evil. They’re not plotting against citizens, and let me tell: if they were, your AR-15 isn’t going to stop drone strikes or Apache helicopters, or nukes so stop trying to use that as an excuse for why you need them.
It just saddens me people are so sensitive about things that don’t matter and could give a shit about the things that do. I have a friend who on the surface looks like he’s the polar opposite of me (Chris). And yet we get along like brothers. Know why? Because for the most part at the end of the day that other shit doesn’t matter enough to either of us to get upset about what the other thinks. That’s how it should be: friends should come first, opinions should come last.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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