While Facebook doesn’t owe us anything, they do get a lot of data from us and make it virtually impossible to stop that. Like location. You can disable every location tracking setting and according to at least one article I read tonight, Facebook doesn’t care and tracks you anyway, and uses that data to target you with ads. If all this data is worth money to them, we <i>are</i> worth something to them. I had a Facebook account hacked. Their solution was to leave it active, but remove my phone number, not give me the option to add it back, leaving me with no way to verify who I am (they require a phone number for the sms codes). Filling out the locked accounts form doesn’t work, because it’s not locked. Trusted contacts won’t work, because you can’t add the phone back. Nothing works. 14 years if Facebook killed by a hacker who they give more rights to than rightful account owners. I’ve though about giving it up altogether a few times. My wife says all I do is argue with people on it, but it’s still a way to keep in touch with people you might not have otherwise, and much easier. As for sending nudes, one would think in private messages that would be okay. Hell, years ago I did that and never got banned. I got a few warnings. They’re very ambiguous about their rules. Any article that makes fun of Trump, even written by Time gets flagged as spam. I’ve had pictures flagged that weren’t nude or vulgar in any way. One guy posted a picture of an Oreo getting dunked in milk and was banned for life for posting sexually explicit material, with no way to appeal it. Like what’s that about? I saw the picture: it was an Oreo getting dunked in milk. Nothing weird about it at all, but he lost his account for life because Facebook says it’s too kinky. What they <i>should</i> do for account holders who haven’t violated any rules is monetize support. It’d be a good revenue stream and people would happily pay $20 or more to get a resolution. Some people were smart enough to set up multiple accounts years ago “just in case”. But we shouldn’t have to resort to that just because Facebook is ambiguous, or simply doesn’t care. Hypothetically, if everyone decided they had enough and Billions voluntarily deleted their accounts, where would they be? No one young likes it to begin with. It could wind up going the way of Myspace. Why push people who want to be on it out the door?