So, since we last spoke, I did move. I moved to Stamford. Yaaaayyy!!! I’ve been working there for over a year now and driving back and forth from Bridgeport really sucked. Sure, it was only half an hour away, but still. I had to spend like $20 a day on gas to work out there. Why didn’t I get a job closer you ask? I tried. I looked everywhere near me, but the only thing I found were places like McD’s. No thanks. My last apartment was terrible. I hated it, my cats hated it, and living with those two losers was horrible. Worst 2 months of my life. I found a place right on the harbor in a good area less than a minute from work for $1250. It’s kind of pricey, but it’s carpeted, has two little balconies, it’s big inside, and in a really solid building that looks like it could take a direct hit from an EF-5 and still be standing. My cats love it, I love it, and I think my girlfriend loves it. Oh, did I not mention that? I have a sweetie. It’s official: I’m taken 😛
It’s been so long I don’t know what to write. The hours went down a little at this place, I work 12 to 2 then 5 to 10 6 days a week now. Sooooo my pay went down a little, too. I was making like $730 a week those first two weeks, but now I’d say I’m down to about $600 or so. Maybe a little less. It depends. Some nights suck, but it’s new, I’m being patient. A new round of ads is coming out next week or the week after wit a bunch of specials for delivery only, so maybe that’ll help. I’m trying to get the dog-walking thing going during the day again. It didn’t really work out last time, but there’s plenty of places near here to get a few customers. I did a website: If I get ONE customer a day every day I’ll make like $450 minimum, $750 max a month just from that one dog. It’d depend on the type of walk they selected. Anyway, I’m hopefull, but I need to do more with the site and marketing.
Aaaanddd, I’m still doing college classes. Four of them. I’m way behind. As a matter of fact, that’s what I was doing before I started to write this, so let me get back to it. Oh, yeah, still working on the book. Not really. I need to write it. The easiest part of the process has me stalled. That just figures, right?

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