Everyone feels it, but people still order pizza. A lot more people are using coupons because everything costs more. For drivers it means we have to pay more for gas, and have less money for everything else, but to top it off, customers are tipping less. It’s like saying fuck you to us. Everyone else gets paid and we get stuck losing money sometimes. If I take a long run, like 10 miles or more (one way) I could go through a gallon of gas. That’s $3 gone. So if you tip me $2 on that $20 order knowing I went 20 miles round trip to bring you food hot, you’re a dick. It will work out to being about $1 out of my hourly for that run ($3 for the gas – $2 for the tip = $1 out of pocket for me). So if I made $8 for that hour before tax, now I’m down to $7. So if you’re one of those idiots, now you know why we take everyone else’s order first and we’re never smiling at your door. We tried to do everything to get you to appreciate that service and you said piss off. Thanks a lot.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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