Today one of my good friends informed me that his father died. I used to work for his father at his pizza place in Milford, CT. His dad was a really great guy, in my opinion, but you wouldn’t know it if you’d just met him. He came across cranky and cantankerous like the grandfather in the movie “The Lost Boys”. But that was just his thing. He was just like that. If you got him, you understood it. I’m not saying it made it easy to work for him, but you knew when he was there, if you got asked to do something, you just did it. If you did it, you had nothing to worry about. If you argued, for your job’s sake you’d wish you hadn’t. I heard he fired other people, but I never had any problem with him. For the most part I did what he asked me to, and I really liked talking to him. He was a funny guy, but like I said, you had to get to know him to get beyond what was right there. It was another example of not judging a book by it’s cover. This book had a worn cover, but the story was really good. I will sincerely miss him. So few people come into our lives that make them truly better. And it also makes you pause and think about what’s important when people in your life die. I get nostalgic so easily. I always focus on the good things about people, so the memories I have of him are funny/good. I seriously thought he was going to live forever. He had been sick for a long time, but he always made a come back. He truly did fight the good fight. Smitty: I will miss you. It was an honor to know you. Give them hell in Heaven! Don’t settle for less than the best up there. I hope we meet again.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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