I love the bumper stickers that say “Visualize Using Your Turn Signals”. I really wish people would. Seeing as how we’re on the road for hours during the day, we see this a lot. The guy in front of you will either slow down for no apparent reason, or, even better, suddenly stop short and turn. Either way, they should let the rest of us know about it. I’ve asked people about it and they’ve said it takes too long to signal. Really? It’s right there next to the steering wheel. You can hit it with your finger while you’re driving. How does that take too much time? It’s like the people who’ve told me they drive with their high beams on and don’t care if they blind other people, which is funny because if I get blinded and lose control of my car, I’m going into the light: your headlights. I’m taking you with me.

Anyway, I’ve also seen people turn left from the right lane with no signal, right from the left lane with no signal, and, of course, cut me off with no signal. Sometimes I want to follow them and yell at them to use their turn signals, but that would result in me getting arrested for road rage or some nonsense. I remember back in the 80s police officers used to give tickets for people not using their signals. I’ve even seen people turn left at a red light with no turn signal. Right with no signal at the light is tolerable, you’re not getting in my way at that point, but left at a red light? Come on, even if you do signal when you do that, you’re an idiot. There are good reason for laws requiring the use of turn signals: they let the rest of us know what your plans are ahead of time so there’s no accident. And i know the argument you shouldn’t be following that closely, but come on, even if you do keep a reasonable distance, you know when these mental midgets slam on the brakes and suddenly turn, you could hit them. Or at least spill your coffee.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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