The guy I work for has to be the most miserable person I have ever met. I am convinced that even if he won the lottery, he would still bitch and moan about everything. He has 3 places, makes a ton of money, yet nothing is ever good enough for him. He has repeatedly told everyone he doesn’t need his employees, they need him. He has repeatedly said he doesn’t care what the customer wants, he cares what he wants. He only had the good fortune to open in an area where pizza delivery is scarce so people think they don’t have another choice. But to treat customers, and your employees that way is crazy. Without either one, you lose your business. He has the highest turnover rate of any company I’ve ever worked at, and I’m 37, so I’ve had more than a few jobs. Turnover is a bad thing. Most business owners hate it because you wind up having to train and trust new people all the time. Not this guy, he just doesn’t care.

The other day I was talking to the manager girl who was cutting pizzas when he pipes in, “I need quiet, I don’t believe in talking at wok, do your work and shut up.” This from the guy with the biggest mouth in the place. If he isn’t bragging about how he could run the whole place himself, or any of his amazing accomplishments, he’s complaining about how everyone is doing everything wrong. All the time. The only times mistakes get made on a regular basis is when he’s there making everyone nuts. But he doesn’t care, it’s his place. The funny thing is the most mistakes I’ve seen made making or cutting pizzas are when he does it. He’ll still blame everyone else (management potential, right?), but it’s him doing it.

I got my hours cut because he doesn’t care if you show up early and stay late doing your job better than everyone else, he expects you to kiss his ass and his other manager’s ass. I refuse. I am there to do my work, not make someone else feel better about themselves. So my hours got cut. It’s a dangerous game. I have dirt on just about every place I’ve worked at I could use. Will I? Only time will tell, but making enemies of employees is never a bright way of doing things.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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