I’m going to watch it when I get a better copy of it, but what’s kept me from watching it or going to see it so far has been all the criticism about the race thing, or how it’s being compared to every other movie. I read a review today that said it was like The Last Samurai or Dances With Wolves, just substitute space ships, etc. Yet another review compared it to Lord of the Rings which allegedly makes the point that only White is right. That’s actually getting to be a tired subject. Why can’t White people be the heroes of the movie? In Lord of the Rings the “White” heroes were like 3 feet tall. And as I recall in Middle Earth pretty much every race was White, including the Elves.

I mean when Spike Lee makes movies who usually turns out to be the heroes of those movies? Everyone drawing comparisons even from movies like Star Trek just gets a little tired. “The Romulans are obviously the Puerto Ricans, the Klingons are Obviously the Blacks.” Really? I get tired of it. I’ll give movie critics one point for Jar Jar Binks for him saying Mesa all the time. I guess it is a little close to Masa, but I in no way agree with things like the Chasing Amy argument that Vader was the baddest brother in the universe and when he dies you find out he’s a crusty old White man suggesting all Blacks secretly want to be White. That’s just reaching too much for me.

I think all the sensitive people should just stay home. I mean how many years have we had South Park and Family Guy poking fun at everything from the Holocaust to slavery to Scientology? I hear lots of criticism for those shows, but the simple solution eludes most people: don’t watch. I haven’t seen a show on tv yet that I find so offensive that I feel the need to change the channel. There are a few shows that are just plain stupid to me, like Jackass. I mean I could make the argument that the Jackass movies make the point that all White people are stupid White trash, and had the movies not been produced by stupid (but rich) White trash, I’d have a good argument. I just think people are too critical about this stuff.


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