The area where I work now is supposed to be like the 5th wealthiest town in the country. These people get new cars every year, they wear all the latest designer clothes, $10,000 watches, they have acres and acres of land for their million dollar plus houses, they have vacation homes in other states and countries, they vacation several times a year, and when they order food they spend a lot. Then they fuck the driver on a tip. Not all of them, but enough to be annoying. The bad tippers average between 2 and 5% for a tip. Imagine taking $100 worth of food in snow or rain and getting between $2 and $5 for a tip. It’s like they’re saying “fuck you, I don’t respect the service you’re providing, but I’m willing to overpay for the food and make sure every other employee there is taken care of.” Because the other employees do get paid much better, and the waiters inside average between 15 and 20% in tips. How someone got the idea you need to tip the guy who doesn’t have any work expenses and fuck the guy who has lots is beyond me. Take what just happened: one of the cheap fucks 4 miles from here just called to complain they wanted more rice. Now I have to waste my fucking gas to bring them more rice when they tipped me $3 on a $62 order. They might say thank you but it’s a huge fuck you to me. I hate these assholes.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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